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Rayma Balance Bracelet - Premier Trenzada Quartz Crystal

Rayma Balance Bracelet
Rayma Balance Bracelet Rayma Balance Bracelet
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How it Works:

The RAYMA bracelet is based on the phenomenon of Radio electrical resonance and is an equaliser of electrical charges of the organism. It was Scientifically created as a passive energy resonator, affecting muscles, joints and general well being.
The body produces an electrical current that permanently circulates throughout the nervous system and therefore has an effect on all of our bodily functions, organs, muscles and joints.
When the bracelet is worn, its electrometric charge is released into the body. Imbalances of the body’s natural electrometric flow can occur. As the added electrical charge reaches the part of the body where the imbalance has occured, the bracelet has a balancing effect on the static energy.